Lesson #08 IBK Colour

Today´s lesson is about how to do a nice CleanPlate using the IBK Color Node. For improving your Key you need a CleanPlate of your Green / BlueScreen. Or Keying Properly with the… Continue reading

Protected: Lesson #07 Grade Node Basics

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Lesson #05 Fast Deinterlace

Do you remember the (good) old times of Video and Interlaced Footage. It feels like centuries away. Well the most of your time you will work with progressive images and won´t think about… Continue reading

Lesson #04 AE Premult in Nuke

Today´s Lesson is about the great possibility in After Effects to perform a Premultiplied – Matted with Color. Imagine you got a 3D Rendering not on black but for instance on white. At… Continue reading

Lesson #03 Homemade Despill

This lesson is about how to build your own Despiller. So with Lesson #02 you have now the possibility to decide what´s your favorite way to despill a image. You will learn a… Continue reading

Lesson #02 Keylight Despill

This second Lesson I´ll show how you can use the Keylight Keyer to do a great Despill job. You don´t have to bother with creating Spill Maps or all the mathematics behind it.… Continue reading

Interview about VFX on Game of Thrones

Juri Stanossek the VFX Supervisor of “GAME OF THRONES” Talks about the work on this show. He talks about the dragons, the shadow creature, Pyke, Herrenhall and King´s Landing.   Watch the whole… Continue reading

2012 Emmy Nominations

The 64th Primetime Emmy® Award nominations were announced  at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood. I´m proud “GAME OF THRONES SEASON 2” is nominated for best visual effects in… Continue reading