Lesson #02 Keylight Despill

This second Lesson I´ll show how you can use the Keylight Keyer to do a great Despill job. You don´t have to bother with creating Spill Maps or all the mathematics behind it. It´s a simple WYSIWIG Despiller.

This time you will need just your Blue or Greenscreen Plate and the Keylight Node.

Here we got an awesome Plate of a a hairy ape. This Plate we are going to use on later lessons about Keying too.


First of all create a Keylight Node and pick the Screen Colour

Image       Image

You will now have a first fast draft Key of your Screen.


Now get to your Screen Colour Values and change them a little bit.

I start with the blue values and raise the value from

blue from 0.504 to 0.811

green from 0.125 to -0.036

red from 0.033 to -0.213

As you start changing your values you will see how your Screen Colour gets back opaque and changes it´s color. This is super simple and super fast. This is all the trick in this tutorial. Just changing three values 🙂

You see you are allowed to go even in negativ values. I work in this case just optical and change the separate values until I like my despill colour.Image

As I´m despilling I try to get into the colour my new background is going to have so I´m going to simulate the despill light my new background illuminates my foreground Plate.

Sometimes you may see your Despill pushes your Plate Grain to a level that looks really bad. In this case I mix my Degrained Plate with some percent over my normal Plate before I will despill it. Then Check and set the mix amount optically after my despill algorithm.