Lesson #05 Fast Deinterlace

Do you remember the (good) old times of Video and Interlaced Footage.

It feels like centuries away.


Well the most of your time you will work with progressive images and won´t think about this. But at some day you may have to use old footage for your comp. So whats the best way to deal with this one.

I don´t want to talk about the technical aspect of Interlaced images, you may find enough on this topic on the internet. I just want to tell you how Interlaced Footage can be checkmated within two nodes.

I guess this will be the tutorial with my minimum number of nodes.

Node 1: transform your footage down by 1 pixel


Node 2: Merge this over your Interlaced Footage using: Average, Max or Min


That´s all, your result will look like this. Just see what Merge operation (Average, Min, Max) gives you the best result.